Pro Audio, Lighting & Video Albuquerque


Video Rentals

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  • Panasonic GH-4
  • Sony A7iii
  • Canon c-100
  • Panasonic Af-100
  • Red Epic
  • Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera
  • GoPro HD Waterproof Cameras

Also ask about our selection of:

  • Film Lights
  • flags
  • Gobos
  • Camera Cranes
  • Dollies
  • Steadycam
  • Shotgun Mics and Mixers
  • Zeiss Prime Lenses

Pro Audio & Lighting Rentals

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  • Sound Systems¬†(small and large)
  • PA Systems
  • HD/DV Cameras
  • Projectors
  • Karaoke Systems
We also rent
  • Special Effect Lights
  • Par 64/56/38 Trees
  • Dimmer Packs
  • Controllers
  • Moving Head Lights
  • Stands & Trussing
We also provide lighting services with expert light technicians.

Backline Rentals

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We have a large variety of rental and backline equipment available to suit any venue from a small club to a huge national act.

  • Fender Rhodes Stage 73 Electric Piano
  • Korg Triton 61-key workstation keyboard
  • Roland VK-8 61-key Drawbar organ keyboard
...and dozens of others.

Keyboard Amps: Roland KC-500/550 150w 4ch keyboard Bass Amp Heads:
  • Ampeg SVT Classic 300w tube bass amp
  • Ampeg SVT II Pro 300w tube bass amp
  • Galien Kruger 800RB 300w bass amp
  • Eden WT-800 400w bass amp
  • SWR SM-900 350w/ch bass amp
  • Fender Bassman
We serve: New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado

Curious about our rental process?

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